Is Allied Health For You?

Is a career in Allied Health right for you? Review this Career Self-Assessment

Know Yourself
Self-assessment is the process of "knowing yourself." It involves taking an inventory of your likes, dislikes, personal characteristics, values, wants, and needs.  People are constantly changing, growing, and developing. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to re-assess themselves periodically in relation to their career goals.

Dr. John Holland, an expert in career development, says that career satisfaction depends on the compatibility between your personality and your work environment.  He has identified six categories of people and work environments. 

You can take a free short self assessment that is based on Dr. Holland’s theories at the link below.  

For each category see how many of the items listed are true for you. Then count the number of items you have for each category to find the top three categories for you.

Once you have your top three categories use the allied health occupations listed below (that are grouped by Holland and personality based categories) to narrow the options in the allied health field that are a match for you.


  1. Dental laboratory technician
  2. Ophthalmic laboratory technician
  3. Orthotist/prosthetist
  4. Recreational therapist


  1. Art therapist
  2. Dance therapist
  3. Music therapist

Are you “touchy-feely?” Look at these occupations:

  1. Kinesiotherapist
  2. Massage therapist
  3. Occupational therapist
  4. Occupational therapy assistant
  5. Physical therapist
  6. Physical therapist assistant


  1. Medical laboratory technologist
  2. Histologic technician/technologist
  3. Pathologists’ assistant
  4. Clinical assistant
  5. Cytogenetic technologist


  1. Dental assistant
  2. Medical assistant
  3. Mental health counselor
  4. Rehabilitation counselor
  5. School counselor

Are you into computers and technology? Consider:

  1. Health information technician

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