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The Regional Skills Partnership is a volunteer-run organization and our committee members are the heart of the Partnership. The leadership, the projects we undertake, and the accomplishments we achieve are a result of the dedication, commitment and work of our committee members. Listed below are the committee descriptions. Please review them and click here if you are interested in serving on a committee or learning more about a specific committee.

The Communication Committee publicizes the Partnership and its activities. This includes maintaining and updating the Partnership website and coordinating with the Summit Committee to publicize the Allied Health Summit.

The Finance Committee coordinates the Steering Committee's financial oversight responsibilities by recommending policy to the Steering Committee, monitoring its implementation and providing oversight of the organization's financial audit.

The Membership Committee is charged with developing a new member orientation, recruiting additional RSP members and identifying ways to increase member engagement and participation.

The Program Committee develops a yearly plan of speaker topics that match the theme identified by the Steering Committee. The committee also manages the logistics for meetings such as securing meeting locations and creates the promotional information for each meeting.

The Steering Committee is composed of elected RSP members that include representatives from each of the types of organizations in the Partnership: healthcare employers, educators, workforce and economic development professionals. The Steering Committee guides the Partnership direction and develops policies and procedures for operating the organization. Click here to read biographical information on Steering Committee members.

The Summit Committee is responsible for developing, planning, funding, and executing the Partnership's statewide Allied Health Summit. This includes, but is not limited to: developing the theme or focus, securing speakers, facilities, funders/sponsors, publicizing the event and collecting all fees and/or revenues.

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